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Adjustable Baby Safety Swing Down Bed Rail Sleeper Bedrail C18 - 180cm*58cm

Model: 009004009
Weight: 4.00 KG
Market Price: RM 299.00
RM 119.00
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This Bedrail is the ideal accessory for preventing your little one from rolling out of bed during the night. It fits to the side of your little one's bed. The fold-down feature of this bed guard, making it easy for your little one to get out of bed when in actually is time to get out of bed!  


The Bed Guard fits easily and quickly to the side of any bed and acts as a barrier while your child is asleep. The Folding Bed Guard folds down easily when not in use so that the bed can be used as normal and makes it a breeze to change the bedclothes.

The Bed Guard is perfect for helping your little one make the leap from a cot to their own grown-up bed. It's suitable for use by children over the age of 18 months old.