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Little Rabbit 100% Cotton Front-Snap Soft-Cup Nursing Bra Set of 2(Random Color)

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Finding the perfect nursing bra shouldn’t be a difficult thing to do. There are many nursing bra options for new mothers, but it may be hard to decide on which one is the best choice. The good news is that it’s not too hard to find something that really works. Here are some smart tips to consider before you purchase nursing bras.
1- Keep Fit in Mind 
As with any bra, a good fit is key. The last thing you want is an ill-fitting bra that’s either too tight or too loose. You also don’t want a bra that fits so poorly that it adds pressure to the milk ducts and causes them to become clogged. Ideally, you will want to wear a bra that’s at least a cup larger than your everyday bra, as you want more room for your increased bust size.
2- Consider Visiting a Professional Bra Fitter 
It’s no secret that most women are wearing the wrong bra size. Use this opportunity to seek a professional bra fitter to help you find the right size of nursing bra. There are professional bra fitters available at specialty maternity boutiques. Not only will you look and feel better with the right bra size, but you’ll also have an easier time nursing your baby with a bra that’s comfortable enough to wear every day.
3- Keep Fabric Options in Mind 
The best nursing bras are made from either pure cotton or a cotton/lyrca blend. The pure cotton option is best for breath-ability, while the cotton blend option is better for stretch. It’s all about comfort and fitting well, and the right fabric can make a difference. Try to avoid any nursing bras that are made from fancy fabrics or have a lot of embellishments. You just want a simple style with cup openings that you can wear while nursing.












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