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Combination of Infant Swing Bell Combination of Infant Swing Bell

Model: 003049001
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Infant swing bell is the first piece of toys after the baby’s birth. This product is safety and non-toxic. This product has those characters of unique appearance and newly design. Based on the principle of taking people as the foundation, and especially considering concrete infant’s physical and health characters, therefore the product’s design can meet all different demands of different birth months and ages infants, so it is a quite developmental toy. Colourful beads and rings can train infant’s fingers, and develop infant’s eye-hands coordinating abilities. The vivid colour of this product is helpful to infants to sense different colours in their early stage, and spur infant’s brain to develop faster and better. The sound from the swing bell can helps infant to distinguish different sounds and recognize the direction of sounds. Geometric and solid graphics with this product can induce infant’s space imagination, and develop infant’s abilities of creative idea.