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Fisher-Price Bright Beginnings Tappy Turtle

Model: 003048004
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Fisher Price Tappy the Turtle

Cute and colourful design. Use bouncy.hammer to tap the shapes on Tappy’s shell. Head pops out when shapes are hammered. Push head back in to reset. Fun and engaging. Perfect for teaching children about shapes and colours. Benefits fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Hammer conveniently clips onto tail.Banging the shapes into Tappy’s shell will tickle babies and toddlers silly. Every time they hammer the colourful shapes, Tappy Turtle pops his head out of his shell to say hello. It’s wildly amusing for children and a great aid to early development. Learning shapes and learning colours is fun and easy with the Fisher Price turtle toy. There are five shapes on his shell, including a purple triangle and blue star. By teaching kids to associate each shape with its designated colour, Tappy is an effective educational tool. The toddler hammer toy is also a perfect way to develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. This is because babies and toddlers have to hold the bouncy hammer and tap the shapes. Of course, Tappy is also an incredibly cute and colourful friend for kids.

1 x Tappy the Turtle1 x bouncy hammerSuitable for children aged 18+ monthsSize (cm): H14 x W29 x D18