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NUK Janosch Baby Bath Time Waterproof Pictures Book

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Nuk Bath Book


bath book technology for the requirements highly , domestic is generally with hard plastic material such as eva printed bath book , taste and use to assert because of the hardness of the price of the case of the pages fracture , the book of distance aren't hard , and is in which the plastic windows paper , in addition to the plastic windows technology have discriminately weigh , plastic shell 's material too some , this is the german 's design
child on the bath always have the initiative the soaring , none hydrophilicity avoided make child wants to put everything he is willing to take it to the bathtub the east dongdu in , bath book it is precisely such meet the demand , bright circle lines painting also different from others undiversified cartoon style , therefore , even child at the son of the anaerobe has , desertion don't , such as his bigger as the lines painting writing bar teaching material , this kind of style but not see more oh !

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