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30 Key Black Fancy Baby Grand Piano

Model: 003042001
Weight: 12.00 KG
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This totally superb piano is a 30 Key Baby Grand "Real" Toy Piano which bridges the gap between toy and authentic musical instrument.Your kids will love this very high quality wooden piano.Our traditional toy pianos are new to the UK market and are designed to bridge the gap between children’s toy and authentic musical instrument.These hand built pianos have been specifically designed to be durable,educational and fun. 
The pianos are made from a solid wood construction, with realistic keys made from plastic which produce a beautiful chime like tone when played. The keys produce notes through small hammers striking steel rods. These beautiful instruments do not require batteries, entail a small amount of self assembly and will never need tuning.
The grand baby piano is a traditional toy which has been specifically designed for children aged between 2 to 6 years with a focus on durability and fun.
The piano features realistic keys, made from plastic and is delivered complete with a matching stool and music stand.