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Lamaze Pond Symphony Crib Soother

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Lamaze Pond Symphony Crib Soother



With lovable animal characters and bright colours, this soft musical soother welcomes baby's touch and encourages tactile exploration. When the soother is activated, soft, colourful lights slowly turn on and off, calming baby and keeping him engaged. The soother will also lull baby to sleep with 3 classical melodies or soothing nature sounds. Settings allow mum to choose from lights only, sounds only, or lights and sounds together. For an even more customized experience, mum can connect her own MP3 player and the lights will dance to the beat of the music. It also includes adjustable volume, an auto-shut off button and an adjustable crib clip that fits all cribs.



How to Use the Lamaze Pond Friends Soother

Another feature that I am fond of, are the lights. There are four (red, orange, blue, green) different colored LED lights that fade on or off. The changing illumination gives the illusion of moving parts, but the scene is a static diorama. These colorful lights are the first thing that my newborn noticed. They kept her interest long enough to prevent her from crying while I changed her diaper.

The soother is attached to a crib with a simple adjustable clip. I was delighted to discover this design enables it fit on a variety of cribs. I have used it on both my simple folding crib and my very ornate convertible crib with lots of mouldings.

There are two settings for the sounds and there are two ways to activate the soother. It can either be a child activated, by pressing the little soft ladybug on the front of it, or the soother can be turned on by the parent by pressing both the music button and the light button.

One drawback of the ladybug button, is that it only stays on for a short period of time (five minutes). This is probably done to encourage the baby to continually try to hit it and thereby enhancing their motor skills.



Great for Kids and Parents

The music button turns on either three calming classical melodies or sounds of nature. The light button simply activates or deactivates the glowing lights.

An MP3 player can be connected to the soother and a pocket on the back safely encloses the device. Using the MP3 allows for more volume control and music variety. However, if you prefer your music, getting to the pocket on the back to change the song can be difficult.

There are two drawbacks to the music; The first problem is that the music isn’t on for long enough – twenty minutes seems just a bit too short. The second design flaw occurs when you turn the soother on. It makes a loud musical tone and flashes all the lights, and if you are using the soother at nighttime, it can be very bothersome. I kept forgetting about that and would startle my half-sleeping baby awake.


  • Manufacturer: TOMY
  • Color: Pond
  • Item Dimensions
    • Length: 12.2"
    • Width: 10.1"
    • Height: 4.8"
    • Weight: 1.71 pounds
  • Soft, colorful lights slowly turn on and off, calming baby and keeping him engaged
  • Customize the fun by using the MP3 player cord- attach it to your mp3 player and watch the lights dance to the beat of the music
  • Baby can press the ladybug to activate the soother
  • Adjustable volume
  • Includes adjustable quick-clip crib attachment that fits all cribs

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