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Chica PP Feeding Bottle 270ml

Model: 005007023
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Chica PP Feeding Bottle 270ml

Features :

  • Super soft nipple- similar to the mother’s nipple, the length of nipple should be extended by twice before sucking.
  • Special screw ring- with proper elasticity and proper veins, it is more like nipple of mother’s breast.
  • Contact design- more similar to breast milk, increase the natural feeling for baby sucking
  • Removal of coating on the tongue- simple nipple treatment reduces the creation of coating on the tongue of baby
  • More professional flux- proper flux from the aperture makes baby drink milk more fluently
  • Restricts sticky surface processing- not easy to stick to lips when put it in mouth
  • Anti-angina valve- avoid swallowing more air which leads to angina of stomach hiccough or back flow of milk
  • Thicker and wider design- maximize the support to lips and help suction
  • Air flow design- the air pressure inside the bottle is more stable and fluent in sucking even avoid choking milk suffocating and no milk during feeding
  • Promote baby’s natural and correct sucking- wide neck, the shape of areola is very simple. Easy for engulfing, promote the sucking function of lips.