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Safety 1st Prism Color Monitor

Model: 005013004
Weight: 1.00 KG
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Features :

  • Parent unit features: 2.5" color screen with remote zoom, monitors baby room temp, quick view plus
  • Voice activation, date and time display, alarm, sounds lights, brightness control and volume control
  • Baby unit (camera) features; night time led light for auto night vision, adjustable angle, table top or wall mount
  •  energy saving ac adapter or battery operated


  • Great video quality: not HD but close enough, also the color screen makes a world of a difference. The night vision automatically comes on when it is dark and is extremely clear.
  • Small monitor: This adds for portability, so I can walk around the house and always be able to take a peak.
  • Zoom: As you will see below, the camera doesn’t move, but if you put it the right distance away you get a whole view of the room and then zoom in as needed.
  • Room Temperature: This is something that always worries Eddy as it is a bit difficult to regulate the temperature of the house especially in winter. With this, we at least know if we need to add an extra blanket or check if he is covered.
  • Voice activation: in an effort to save battery and extend the life of the camera, voice activation of VOX, turns on the camera if it detects a certain level noise like a baby crying.
  • Range: So far the range has been great, there is a little indicator on the monitor that lets you know if you start to stray. We don’t live in a mansion, but so far we have been all around the house and have gotten a perfect signal.



Other cool product facts:

  • It has an alarm just in case the baby isn’t already one for you.
  • Has a video time out feature that turns on every so often to check on the baby automatically (another battery saving feature)
2.4GHz digital technology
2.5 inch screen for clear, true-to-life view
Remote zoom for closer view
Baby’s room temperature display
Battery option for wireless convenience
Alarm, date & time display
Quick view conserves power
Voice activation to turn screen back on
Power save mode can be set at 5, 15 or 30 seconds
Accepts additional cameras
Auto night vision
Brightness control
Sound lights bar
Auto channel selector
Belt clip for portability
Low battery/out of range indicators
Energy saving AC adapter

350 foot indoor/outdoor range

Baby Unit
Zooms in for closer view
Auto night vision
Battery option for wireless convenience
Table or wall mount option
Power on/low battery indicator

Energy saving AC adapter